Things To Consider When Installing A Ranch Driveway

A ranch driveway is a wide road for vehicles and other modes of transportation. The primary purpose of this type of driveway is to give you easy access to your property.

Several factors should be considered when planning to install a ranch driveway to complete it successfully and efficiently.

Prime Asphalt discusses a few essential factors to consider before digging or building the foundation for a ranch driveway.

Locating Underground Utilities

Utilities such as water, sewer, electric, and gas lines may lie under your proposed site for the new driveway or walkway. Before you begin any excavation, you should contact your local public utility district and ask for an underground facility location as well as a record of all lines in your area.

Estimate the Space

The design for a farm/ranch driveway should provide enough space to store your longest vehicles. A 25-foot return radius and 20-inch throat width are necessary to make sure that nothing gets caught on the edge when you’re driving off after loading up!

Length will vary depending on house access points, hills or slopes, irrigation ditches, or any other site-specific considerations that affect how far the driveway extends.

The Cost

Farm-style driveways typically range from $6 per square foot in rural areas to $15 per square foot in suburban locations. How much you’ll pay depends on the soil composition, accessibility of materials, distance from quarries, and other site-specific considerations such as type of driveway, soil compaction, grading and excavation, drainage.

Maintenance Requirements

Although farm-style concrete driveways are less likely to crack or buckle than asphalt, they need regular maintenance. Driveway sealant should be applied every two to three years. Holes can be patched with concrete or an asphalt patching compound, but the driveway will need complete resurfacing if left unattended.

Construction Methods

Asphalt is one of the most widely used materials for farm-style driveway construction. It’s durable and easy to work with but requires regular maintenance and consistent settling, leading to cracks if not properly maintained.

Another option is concrete – especially where durability is prioritized over ease of installation or lower costs.

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