Asphalt overlay

Asphalt overlay is a repair method most Texas property owners aren’t aware of, but Prime Asphalt has over 30 years experience with driveway and parking lot repair services in North Texas. With our proven track record and commitment to excellence, we introduce innovative pavement solutions like milling and overlay to revitalize worn-out parking lots and driveways.

What are Milling & Overlay?

Overlay is a way to get a fresh surface layer without complete parking lot paving services. Instead of completely removing the old pavement, this technique utilizes the existing layers as a foundation for the new paving. Surfaces with severe damage like potholes, or extensive cracks, usually need milling before applying a new layer of pavement.

Our Overlay Process

  1. Property Assessment: Not all existing paved surfaces are suitable for overlay. Extensively damaged surfaces with large potholes, root damage, or surface ruts might need complete removal. Inadequate water drainage might also require regrading for effective water handling.
  2. Asphalt Milling: This process removes the top layer of damaged pavement, including cracks or raveling. The removal ensures a uniform bond with the new material and maintains a level surface. The milled material is recycled for integration into new paving projects.
  3. Gravel Base Repair: Potholes, rutting, and sinking may necessitate base replacement. To prevent recurring issues, the base is reconstructed.
  4. Pave Surface: After surface preparation, the overlay, typically 1.5″ to 2″ thick, is applied depending on the existing surface thickness.

Asphalt Over Concrete

In specific cases, an overlay can be applied to a concrete surface. When concrete deteriorates, concrete repaving entirely is challenging. Overlay is an option for some degraded pavement surfaces, but paving asphalt over concrete has considerations. Concrete lacks compression and compaction like asphalt and relies on soil and subgrade beneath it to flex under pressure. The harder surface and expansion joints in concrete may cause shifting and potential cracks in the paved areas over time, requiring periodic crack sealing and asphalt maintenance.

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