Crack sealing

Prime Asphalt’s crack sealing Services in Waco, TX are designed for Texas property owners. We understand the challenges you face with pavement maintenance, and we’re here to take that off your plate! With over 60 years in the industry, our paving company can help you get your parking lot, driveway, or roadway smooth and beautiful again.

Why Get Crack Repair?

The natural cycles of expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, alongside the impact of heavy traffic, can lead to the formation of pavement cracks. Getting crack sealing services can save you from more extensive repairs like asphalt patching, which involves cutting out and replacing damaged paved areas.

Prime Asphalt’s Crack Sealing: Pavement Maintenance for Texans!

Our paving experts recognize that each paved area is unique. Our commitment lies in tailoring our parking lot repair services precisely to the damage your asphalt sustains. By addressing specific repair needs, we aim not only to restore but also to save you money in the long run by averting expensive parking lot paving services later.

Crack Sealing vs Crack Filling

Distinguishing between these two asphalt maintenance services is crucial. While asphalt crack filling primarily addresses superficial damage, crack sealing targets deeper, more extensive cracks, offering a more comprehensive and lasting solution for effective pavement maintenance.

Our Crack Sealing Process

  1. Assessment: We thoroughly inspect the area, identifying and analyzing the damage.
  2. Preparation: Next, we carefully clean the cracks, ensuring optimal adhesion for the sealant.
  3. Application: Our specialized “rubberized sealant” is carefully applied, layer by layer, to fortify and shield the paved surfaces.
  4. Protection: This process forms a robust barrier, preventing further deterioration caused by water, weathering, and the wear and tear of everyday traffic.
  5. Quality Check: Finally, we conduct a comprehensive assessment to guarantee the effectiveness and quality of the sealing, ensuring your pavement is ready to withstand the elements.

To breathe new life into your driveway or parking lot in Waco, TX, Prime Asphalt’s crack sealing services are the way to go! Contact us today to see what we can do for your Texas pavement!

Our range of pavement maintenance services, including crack sealing, reflects our commitment to Texas property owners. With a variety of targeted solutions tailored to your needs, we aim to save you money while ensuring the longevity and resilience of your asphalt pavement. Experience our dedicated services in the DFW area today!

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