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In Groesbeck, TX, Prime Asphalt is the best paving company to call for concrete & asphalt services because we ensure that affordability is our priority for all of our clients and customers, making quality pavement accessible from the smallest to the largest of budgets, no matter the needs of a particular customer. Our experienced paving contractors have worked with Texas residential homeowners and commercial property owners to improve their properties with sealcoating, driveway repair, concrete driveway, asphalt overlay, and more.

Best Asphalt Paving Services in Groesbeck TX


  • For more than six decades, Prime Asphalt has boasted a reputation of delivering paving excellence across Texas, bringing our clients top-quality surface treatment solutions dependably and reliably.
  • The paving processes that we utilize demonstrate our commitment to quality, ensuring you receive enduring and gorgeous surfaces no matter the size or cost of your project.
  • Expense is an important part of making hard choices about what services you will request to improve your property. Our company always makes quality pavement accessible to our clients, no matter the scale or cost of your project.

All About Groesbeck TX

A city in and the county seat of Limestone County, TX, Groesbeck is a town that hosts many county-wide activities and has preserved its history to the present day.

Originally dedicated as a township by Houston and Texas Central Railroad in 1869, Groesbeck was named for Abram Groesbeeck, a railroad director who served the Houston & Texas Central Railroad Company. The post office had opted for a simpler spelling, leading to the difference in spelling between the person and the town. The city government developed in 1871, becoming the county seat in 1873.

Groesbeck is home to the “Million Dollar Courthouse,” a formidable courthouse built of brick, concrete, marble, and tile. It is unusual in that no buildings are facing it, leading it to be regarded as more of a manor or mansion than a courthouse by many who beheld it. Old Fort Parker is a historical site with many artifacts on display that depict a piece of Texas history, as well as items from the Houston and Texas Central Railroad Company.

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