Asphalt crack filling

Does your Texas asphalt have cracks? Professional crack filling services from North Texas’ trusted paving contractor, Prime Asphalt, can save your pavement.

Crack Filling by Prime Asphalt Gives Your Pavement New Life

Crack filling involves filling cracks in asphalt pavements to prevent moisture infiltration, limiting damage caused by water penetration. It’s a preventative measure aimed at prolonging pavement life by addressing minor cracks, while crack sealing involves a more comprehensive approach, addressing larger and deeper cracks.

Why does asphalt pavement get cracked?

Several factors contribute to pavement cracking, including environmental elements, vehicle loads, and aging. Fatigue cracks, a common type, result from repeated loading and unloading, causing the pavement to weaken and develop hairline cracks.

Our Crack Repair Process

Our crack filling process starts by thoroughly cleaning out the area to remove debris and prepare the surface for treatment. Next, hot asphalt crack filler is applied, ensuring a complete fill that prevents moisture intrusion and further pavement deterioration. Unlike crack sealing services, our focus lies particularly on addressing fatigue cracks to fortify the pavement structure effectively.

Your Crack Filling Questions Answered

  • When should pavement be crack filled? Crack filling should be a regular part of pavement maintenance, ideally performed at least once a year to preserve the pavement’s condition.
  • What time of year should pavement be crack-filled? The crack filling season typically spans April to November, considering dry conditions. It’s advisable to fill cracks before winter, maximizing expansion to accommodate contraction in hotter months.
  • How often should cracks in pavement be filled? Filling cracks in asphalt should be done whenever they appear as part of a regular pavement maintenance schedule, but at least twice a year.
  • Can you use asphalt crack filler on crocodile cracking? No. Crocodile cracking indicates severe distress and requires a different approach, like crack sealing, due to the extensive damage.

Got cracks? Need pavement maintenance and repair? Prime Asphalt can help!

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our pavement maintenance services. Serving local communities like Waco, Midland, and Temple, TX, we prioritize excellence and innovative solutions to address pavement concerns effectively.

If your parking lot, driveway, or local roadway is cracked, you know who to contact: Prime Asphalt. Our crack filling services can bring your Texas pavement back to life!


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