Asphalt installation

For impeccable asphalt installation, rely on Prime Asphalt, your trusted paving company serving North Texas communities around Waco. We specialize in installing top-quality pavement for various projects, including new driveways, new construction sites, and parking lots.

Professional Asphalt Installation by Expert Contractors

Finding a comprehensive asphalt paving contractor capable of delivering stunning, durable surfaces within your budget can be challenging. That’s why our focus is on making quality pavement accessible to all customers, regardless of project size or budget. We prioritize creating tailored plans that perfectly align with your project’s unique requirements.

The Importance of an Expert Asphalt Installer

A skilled, experienced paving contractor plays a crucial role in the longevity of your pavement. Our skilled team ensures meticulous attention to detail, using the paving industry’s best practices and high-quality materials for a seamless process that leaves you with a beautiful new paved surface without breaking the bank. In fact, at Prime Asphalt, our mission is to offer paving services at affordable prices so that all North Texas property owners can get the pavement of their dreams.

Steps in Asphalt Installation

1. Site Preparation: Our experts assess the area before installation, ensuring proper grading and compaction for a stable base.
2. Base Installation: Constructing a strong foundation is essential. We lay down a robust aggregate base to support the top layers.
3. Paving: Our professionals evenly apply the mixture of hot bitumen and aggregates, using precision to achieve the desired thickness and smoothness. This is the same process we use in resurfacing services.
4. Compaction and Finishing: Employing heavy rollers, we compact the pavement, ensuring a solid, uniform surface. Any necessary finishing touches are meticulously carried out.
5. Curing Period: Allowing adequate curing time is vital for strength and durability. We recommend avoiding heavy traffic during this phase.

North Texas Property Owners! Choose Prime Asphalt for Your Next Driveway or Parking Lot!

Why choose us? We’re the most reliable asphalt contractor dedicated to delivering exceptional installation services to North Texas. Our commitment to quality, combined with extensive experience in the industry, ensures a superior outcome for your paving project. From new driveway installations to repair on large-scale parking lots, our team tailors solutions to your requirements. We prioritize customer satisfaction, offering professionalism and expertise at every step.

For flawless asphalt installation by a trusted paving company, trust Prime Asphalt. Our experts are ready to handle your new construction projects or parking lot installations, providing high-quality results that exceed expectations.

Contact North Texas’ trusted paving company with over 60 years of experience with installing asphalt. We’ve got you covered!


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