5 Safety Tips To Observe During An Industrial Paving Project

Due to industrial pavement’s intense load-bearing requirement, concrete is exclusively used for achieving that purpose. Industrial pavement is very different from your average jointed concrete pavement and asphalt roads. Industrial areas comprise cargo bays, parking lots, warehouses, & machine-intensive shop floors, so there is a lot of activity going about and much to account for as far as safety is concerned.

Industrial pavement entails heavy equipment and professional paving teams, which is why they also form hazardous job sites. Fort Worth is renowned for its oil & gas, aviation, & aerospace industries, and it’s our specialty to cater to such high load-bearing requirements of industrial pavement.

Here is how we best observe safety, so your pavement comes out super-strong!

1. Exit & Entering Equipment Improperly Can Make or Break You

Most industrial paving site accidents occur because the operator mounted/dismounted the heavy vehicle improperly and came under it or struck a piece of construction equipment and fell onto another. Avoid loose gloves, muddy boots, & erratic equipment mounting/dismounting. Adopt the ‘three-point contact’ stance when getting into the vehicle. Be it a dump truck, a roller, a concrete mixer, or a forklift, get in and get out of these vehicles carefully.

2. Discourage Crowding About Operating Equipment

People have died from getting crushed under a compacting roller because they wouldn’t keep their safe distance. Industrial paving employs a lot of moving machinery mounted on equally mobile equipment. Forklifts can impale, dump trucks can bury site workers, concrete mixers are a death trap, and power tools can become an electrocution. Our foremen are well versed in directing operators & on-lookers from getting into active worksite paths.

3. Account For All Utilities Overhead & Underground

Utility lines are all around and beneath industrial areas. When paving on industrial premises, thoroughly account for all utilities and have them marked. Any shallow utilities get marked by an offset marker. Since prefab concrete slabs are ideal for industrial pavement, their jointing process makes them a hazard for shallow utilities hence the caution for locating underground utilities. The cranes need to be on the lookout for overhead utilities.

4. Use a Spotter When Maneuvering Heavy Equipment

Never be the lone man securing loads to a heavy vehicle. Use spotters to level equipment, balance loads, or even park into docking bays with paving material to be delivered. Observe docking SOPs as your life depends on them.

5. Ensure Jobsite Security

Secure your worksite from burglary. Paving construction sites are unfortunately prone to theft of tools and raw materials, just as these sites are prone to causing accidents for operators on site. Secure both security & safety. Two birds, one stone!

If you are on the lookout for some asphalt maintenance on your industrial turf, a few repairs maybe, or require an industrial-grade pavement that can withstand immense loads without a dent, Prime Asphalt is your choice of a professional paving contractor. We boast over two decades of experience in the field, and our projects successfully span residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

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