What To Do When You Are All Done With Your Asphalt Project

Most property owners think that if they get a brand-new asphalt surface, they will be exempt from all maintenance work and precautions for at least a few months. Well, that is not how it works! A newly paved or repaved surface also requires some post-installation care and guidelines to be adhered to. Otherwise, you should be ready to repair the asphalt driveway that you just had installed.

Professional asphalt paving contractors like Prime Asphalt from Waco, TX, will brief you in advance about all the necessary measures you need to take for your newly laid asphalt pavement.

Follow the instructions below for post-paving care of your asphalt pavement.

Please wait 24 Hours Before Using It

Don’t use the pavement immediately after installation, especially if you are using a hot mix. Let the asphalt surface cure and settle after the compaction process, so there is no scuffing or tearing because tires can damage the soft surface. The weight of a vehicle can cause depressions and irregular compaction. If you want to maintain a smooth surface, wait a day before allowing traffic on the pavement.

Keep It Clean

Keep your asphalt clean if you want it to last a long time. Dust, debris, snow, ice, and oil can badly damage your asphalt surface. If you do not regularly clean your pavement, then it will develop cracks, potholes, depressions, and more.

Avoid Driving Near the Edge

Driving close to the edge of a new asphalt surface can lead to cracks. The asphalt is weakest near the edge and cannot bear the weight of the heavy traffic.

Don’t Park in the Same Spot

If you own a parking lot, then you need to make sure that no equipment or heavy-duty vehicle (like a truck) remains parked in the same spot for an extended period, whether it is for a few days at a stretch or daily for a few hours. This will lead to settling of that area, and very soon, there will be permanent and noticeable damage.

Sealcoat at The Right Time

Sealcoating is essential for all new and old asphalt surfaces. It is recommended that a pavement should get a fresh sealcoat done every two to three years. The biggest mistake that property owners make is waiting too long before getting a sealcoat. Getting a sealcoat within a few days after paving or waiting for six months to a year after paving are both wrong and can result in damage.

Asphalt pavement takes a few weeks or months to settle; seal coating before that damages both the seal coat and asphalt. And if you wait too long to seal coat, then regular use and elements will damage the surface. So, the best time to get a new asphalt surface seal coated is four to twelve weeks after paving is complete.

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