What Are the Top Five Enemies of an Asphalt

Asphalt surfaces have become common, and rightly so. Not only are they durable, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, it also doesn’t require much attention. However, regular maintenance is always a secret to healthy asphalt. Still, we sometimes miss it and end up getting expensive repairs.

So, if you want to save yourself from repeated, expensive repairs, always ensure maintenance from a professional asphalt service provider. Moreover, you also want to ensure that you don’t let these top five enemies of asphalt come near it. If you find them anywhere near it, get rid of them as soon as possible. Haven’t you heard of these evil foes before? Find below.

Top 5 Enemies of an Asphalt

Sun Exposure Can Damage Your Asphalt Surface

Extreme sun exposure is not only harmful to our skin but constant sunlight and harmful UV rays weaken your asphalt and break it. This happens due to aging. As sun exposure oxidizes the tar in asphalt, which makes tar ineffective, and thus it loses its power to hold the aggregate in its place. Causing gravel to surface on the front. This can result in severe damage not only to the surface but also makes the surface hazardous for people. Therefore, always ensure that you don’t forget to seal coat your asphalt, especially the area exposed to sunlight. After all, seal coating is sunscreen for your asphalt, and you know how essential it is to keep the surface safe and secure.

Standing Water Weakens your Asphalt

Standing Water is not just gross, but it is also harmful not only for humans but also for asphalt. Regardless of how the water accumulated, be it due to rain, well, sprinkler, leak, etc., the standing water will only deteriorate the surface. The standing water slowly and gradually creates cracks in the surface, which allows the water to make its way through the surface. This happens because the standing water causes a chemical reaction with the asphalt chemicals. If not taken care of at the right time, the cracks can soon turn into potholes and making the surface dangerous for use. So if you find standing water in your driveway or parking lot where you have asphalt surface, immediately drain it and call the professionals for seal coating to reverse the damage.

Oil Spots And Spills Destroy Asphalt

Oil stains are not only hard to remove from clothes but cleaning oil spills or spots is also a huge task. The situation worsens if you haven’t seal-coated the surface. So if your car is spilling oil and is not fixed yet, try to park it somewhere else. You may use home remedies to clean up oil spots. However, if you are not vigilant enough and the oil is soaked onto the surface, it will break down the asphalt and weaken it from the inside. However, if it stays for a long, you might have to cut and replace the whole area, which is not an inexpensive expense.

Heavy Vehicles Harms Asphalt Surface

Everything has a limit of weight it can carry. Similar is the case with asphalt surfaces. Indeed, these are durable and made to hold the weight, but heavy vehicles such as tractors and trailers can easily damage the asphalt surface. These vehicles are too heavy for the surface to carry. If these vehicles are used or parked on the surface frequently, they can cause cracks and holes in the surface. It will not only make the surface uneven but driving over it can be hazardous and fatal for the passengers and the driver.

Tree Roots can cause bumps on Asphalt.

Do you have a huge tree near the asphalt surface? If so, you’ll need to figure out the way to either cut the tree and secure the surface or vice versa. It is because a tree’s trunk can grow around 70 feet under the goring to search for water. In this case, if the asphalt surface is near it, the roots might start to grow under the asphalt surface. This will damage the base and will turn the flat asphalt road into a bumpy one. Therefore avoid opting for asphalt surfaces near a tree.
So the above five are the main enemies of the asphalt surface. If you want your asphalt surface to prosper and stay in shape for long, be vigilant that these enemies are nowhere near your asphalt surface. Moreover, before we conclude, we have a fair piece of advice for you.

Regularly Maintain Your Asphalt Surface

We understand that asphalt surface maintenance will be the last on your list. However, if you avoid these regular maintenance schedules to save a few bucks, you might end up paying more because of the damage. So without wasting any time further, call Prime Asphalt and book your appointment quickly and at a very reasonable rate.

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