The Complete Process For Concrete Pavement Installation

Concrete pavement installation is a process that starts with concrete preparation and ends with concrete curing. If you are interested in learning more about the concrete paving process, this blog post is perfect for you!

Concrete Preparation

Concrete combines cement, sand, water, and aggregate (gravel or crushed stone). The first step for concrete pavement installation is to mix all these ingredients. This includes adding water or other liquids called admixtures to create a concrete mix that can be poured into forms where it hardens and becomes solid concrete pavement.

Next, you need to ensure the surface where the concrete being installed has been graded so that there are no low spots or high areas; these could lead to cracks and potholes developing over time.

Concrete Base

The next step is to lay down a thick layer of sand. After that comes the concrete base (or sub-base), which consists of gravel, crushed stone, or broken rock with cement mixed in between these materials. This provides stability for an even surface for the concrete pavement to go on top of it all. Once done, you are ready to start pouring concrete.

Concrete Pouring and Leveling

Concrete pavement installation can be done by a concrete truck. Immediately after pouring, some levelers will go through, ensuring your concrete has been appropriately poured and is even throughout. The next step is to break up any lumps in the concrete while it’s still wet using a concrete broom.

Concrete Curing – The Vital Process for Quality Concrete Pavement

When it comes to concrete pavement installation, a lot more goes into the process than just pouring some concrete. Once the slab has been poured and left to cure, many people stop paying attention – but this is actually when one of the most critical processes begins: curing. Curing isn’t just some fun word. It is an essential part of the concrete pavement installation process. While concrete is a solid building material, it requires at least 28 days to cure thoroughly!

Purpose of Concrete Curing

Curing concrete allows the cement and hydrated lime in the slurry to react with carbon dioxide from air and water molecules trapped within them. This chemical process strengthens the concrete by producing calcium silicate hydrate (CSH), which bonds the cement and sand particles together. This results in concrete with much greater compressive strength, protecting the pavement from damage due to vibration. Once cured, concrete is more resistant to wear caused by weather conditions.

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