Tar & Chip Vs. Asphalt: Which Is The Better Option For Driveways?

Regarding driveways, there are a few different options to choose from. One of the most popular choices is tar & chip, a combination of tar and crushed stone. Another option is asphalt, which comprises asphalt cement and aggregate. So, which option is the better for your driveway – tar & chip or asphalt?

In this blog post, Prime Asphalt will compare the two options and help you decide which one is best for you!

Asphalt driveway:

Asphalt is the most often used paving material for driveways and parking lots. This material is not only beautiful, but it may also be quite durable. Before installing asphalt pavement, dig and grade the area. After you’ve accomplished these preliminary tasks, you may start paving.

After allowing the base to settle, the contractor will use a heavy-duty roller to apply the hot mix asphalt to the surface. Only the driveway will be ready to use after the mix is spread out.

Advantages of asphalt:

Longevity: A well-designed asphalt paved driveway may endure up to 30 years if professionally placed and maintained.

Durable: Asphalt can withstand the weight of large vehicles.

Flexibility: Unlike other types of pavement, asphalt is highly adaptable. It is less prone to breaking over time.

Cost: Asphalt is inexpensive compared to a variety of alternative paving solutions.

Considerations for asphalt driveways:

In the same way, as other paving solutions, there are certain things to consider while working with asphalt.

Temperatures: Asphalt may absorb heat and produce an extremely hot surface in warmer weather. As a result, the temperature inside automobiles might rise.

Maintenance: Even though asphalt is durable, it needs gentle, loving care.

Tar and Chip Driveways:

Tar and chip driveways provide a more distinctive look for homeowners. This paving process has become increasingly popular over time. Take these considerations into account before hiring a contractor to complete this project.

Advantages of Tar and chip driveway:

Aesthetics: Tar and chip driveways are lively and stunning and may be customized to your unique design preferences.

Self-Healing: Tar and chip driveways are one of a kind because they self-heal in hot weather. The cement holding the pavement together will seep into any fractures that have formed over time in the right conditions.

Maintenance: Unlike asphalt driveways, tar and chip driveways do not require sealing over time.

Improved Traction: Due to their composition, Tar and chip driveways provide better traction for automobiles.

Consideration for Tar and Chip Driveways:

Snow removal: Act decently before removing any snow from a tar and chip driveway. We recommend using a shovel or a snowblower to clear snow off Tar & Chip property.

Contractors: Contractors of tar and paving are hard to find. 

Fortunately for you, Prime Asphalt provides some of the best Tar & Chip paving in Waco, TX. We provide homeowners the peace of mind that a highly qualified expert will handle their paving job.


Both paving solutions will be suitable for homeowners at the end of the day. Unfortunately, we are unable to determine which is superior. As previously stated, both paving options offer advantages and disadvantages.

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