Steps To Planning A Paving Project

If your new projects include asphalt installation, you need to plan accordingly for its successful completion. But what guarantees you that your asphalt paving project will be successful?

While getting a brand-new asphalt pavement installed is a big task and investment, you can make it more manageable by breaking it up into three easy steps. However, regardless of your paving project’s size, you will still need to plan to ensure the best quality results.  


In this blog post, we will discuss the three essential steps that will help you ensure your paving project turns out to be a success.

1. Call the Professionals to Inspect Your Existing Asphalt Pavement

The first step is understanding the need of your selected paving area. If there is no existing asphalt pavement on the site you wish to install asphalt on, you will have to get the area surveyed to determine how to proceed with the paving project. 

2. Check for Needed Repairs and Prepare a Budget

Does your existing asphalt need repairs? How severe are the pavement damages? After knowing all this, consider your repair options accordingly.

For example, if you see cracks on your pavement, consult a paving contractor to determine if it’s possible to fix them with asphalt repair techniques. However, before making any decision, you should at least have an idea of the budget. So, don’t forget to get a free quote from your paving contractor if you want to budget the paving project efficiently.

3. Get in Touch with Paving Contractors

To avoid any risk, consider these critical areas of focus when selecting a paving company for your project:

  • Reputation (and referrals)
  • Licensing & insurance
  • Previous projects’ successes
  • Understanding of the project scope
  • Knowledge of material and project specifications

Finding an experienced and professional contractor to partner with is essential for a good paving plan.

In addition to this, constant communication throughout a project is imperative for a successful paving project. Changes or unexpected issues are a certainty, so having a transparent communication channel between the pavement owner and contractor is very crucial. 

Remember, pavement projects are pricey; however, they don’t have to be stressful. Minimize your paving budget by communicating effectively and efficiently, take time to find potential contractors, and don’t skimp on any pavement preparation methods.

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