How To Treat Oil Spots On Asphalt Parking Lots Or Driveways

One of the major problems many driveway owners face is oil spots on their asphalt parking lots or driveways. Not only does it damage your property and property value, but it can also lead to bigger problems like pavement failure. Therefore, you must ensure that you protect your asphalt driveways with a seal coating.

However, if you didn’t get it done last time and you are facing oil spot issues, then treat it as soon as possible before it is too late.

Hence, we will discuss a few home remedies to remove those ugly oil spots. And if the situation has worsened, don’t worry. We will also discuss how to tackle that. So without further ado, let’s see what home remedies you can use to treat oil spots on an asphalt parking lot.

Home Remedies To Treat Oil Spots On Asphalt Driveway

Treat Fresh Oil Spill With Soap and Water

One of the easiest and most effective ways is to put some detergent or soap on the spot. Let it soak in, and then scrub the area with the brush. Once you clean the area, wash it with fresh water. After you’ve cleaned and the area dries out, incall the nearest asphalt repair service provider and get your driveway or parking lot seal coating.
(Note this remedy only works on fresh oil spots)

Clean Your Asphalt Pavement With Cat Litter.

If you’ve spilled oil and want to clean it without leaving the spot, then spread some cat litter on the area and leave it overnight. Cat litter will soak all the oil. Clean the litter the next day and wash the spot before the oil spot becomes permanent.
(Note: This will only work if you spill the oil and clean it before oil dries up)

WD-40 Will Clean The Oil Spots From The Parking Lot

In case you spill the oil or find any oil spots on your driveway, pick up your WD-40 and spray a liberal amount on the spot. Let it dry for 20 minutes. Once it is dried up, clean the surface and make your driveway spot free.

The above ways will only work if the oil spots are fresh. So when you clean it, don’t wait for another spill to get it to seal coat. Once you clean it, book an appointment with your nearest asphalt pavement service provider and ask them to seal coat your parking lot or driveway as soon as possible.

Professional Service For Oil Spot Treatment

However, what if the oil spots have become old and the pavement has soaked all the oil. This would mean that not only do you have a stain on your surface, but your surface has also started deteriorating. If you don’t care for it now, you might have to reinstall the whole pavement, which would mean a huge cost. Therefore, be vigilant and solve the problem before it spreads. Find below the two ways how you can tackle the situation rightly.

Heat Treatment Will Clear Oil Spots From Your Driveway

If you somehow ignored the oil spots and now the oil has seeped into the pavement, your home remedies won’t work. You’ll need to incall a professional for heat treatment. When oil is soaked into the binder, it results in cracks on the surface because aggregate breaks lose. If this is not taken care of at the right time, this would result in pitting. And if this happens, the infrared heat will also not work. Therefore, contact the asphalt repair service provider and schedule your appointment. And also, don’t forget to get it to seal coat to spare it from further damage.

Repatch The Oil Affected Area

Unfortunately, if you are unable to tackle the seeped pavement with heat treatment and the damage further increases, you’ll have no other option than cut the affected area and repatch it. For this, you’ll need professional help. Therefore, find the nearest asphalt repair company and schedule your appointment with them. When you call them, they’ll first visit and see the situation. Next, they will extract the oil-affected area then, repave it with new material, and will finish it up with a seal coat. Yes, the seal coat may increase a few more buck, but don’t hesitate if you want to keep your new asphalt repair in place.

Nonetheless, it is better if you don’t let the situation worsen. Take appropriate action the moment you recognize an oil spot on your asphalt surface. However, if you miss it, then you might have to use extra bucks to get it fixed. So don’t take it for granted. Moreover, before we conclude, we have a pro tip for you.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Although every problem has a solution, we must not wait for the solution. Instead, we must take all the precautions so that we don’t have to waste our hard-earned money. And the best way to take a precaution is to schedule your appointment with a well-reputed asphalt repair company like Prime Asphalt and ask them to come for regular maintenance. And if you haven’t got your asphalt surface seal coated, then get that first.

Lastly, we hope that these home remedies and professional solutions for oil spots on your asphalt driveway or parking lot will come in handy. If you have any queries, you can feel free to contact Prime Asphalt and get professional advice from the comfort of your home.

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