How To Know If Your Sealcoating Contractor Is The Real Deal

Sealcoating protects asphalt surfaces from water damage and the elements and gives your property an attractive appearance. Sealcoating also helps to extend the life of your pavement and saves you a lot of money on repairs. However, to get the best results you need to ensure you hire the right contractor!

This blog post lists some questions you can ask your sealcoating contractor in order to determine if they are a true professional.

Do They Thoroughly Clean the Surface First?

Sealcoating contractors should always clean the surface before sealcoating. If your sealcoating contractor does not want to scrub away all of the contaminants, then this is an indication that you should find another.

A sealcoating professional will always advise you to clean the surface first because it is a part of their sealcoating process. They know that if there are contaminants on the road, the sealer may not stick properly and could wear away fast.

Will They Fill the Cracks Before Sealcoating?

Most sealcoating contractors will fill the cracks before sealcoating. This is a key to knowing if they are professional sealcoat contractors because it shows that your contractor knows what he is doing and takes his job seriously. A true professional will take care of these small details before starting the project so that the sealcoat is applied correctly.

Ask If They Have the Right Application Tools for the Job

You should also ask if they have sealcoating application tools. A professional sealcoat contractor will always have these necessary items because he knows how important it is to apply sealer correctly, and that includes having the right sealcoating equipment for your project. You want a sealcoating company that uses high-quality materials, to ensure the sealer will last for years.

Ask if they Prefer Any Specific Weather Conditions for Sealcoating

You also want to ask if they prefer sealcoating in certain weather conditions. While some sealcoat contractors can do the job regardless of the outdoor temperature, others recommend sealcoating only when it is hot outside and above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. They may even refuse to sealcoat during the winter months because they know that condensation could form on your sealcoat when it is not hot enough. If your sealcoating contractor says they only sealcoat in the summer months, this is a sign that they are professional and have experience.

Ask if they can Share the Contact Details of Previous Clients

If your sealcoating contractor has been in business for a while, then they should be able to provide references that you can contact. If their work is of high quality, they will be happy to provide references who will recommend their work. If the contractor seems hesitant to provide references, this is a red alert!

It is essential to know who you are hiring for a sealcoating project and the quality of the work they provide. We want our customers in Waco, TX, to be confident that we will deliver high-quality services at affordable prices. This means we always offer free estimates, so there are no surprises at the end of the project. Prime Asphalt can help with road maintenanceparking lot maintenance, or any other kinds of asphalt repairs. Feel free to contact us today.

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