Frequently Asked Questions About Tar And Chip Driveways

You will come across numerous options when installing a new driveway. Asphalt, concrete, gravel, and pavers are some popular choices that people will recommend to you in your hunt for suitable driveway material. One option rarely mentioned in pavement discussions is the tar and chip driveway, made of bitumen and stone aggregate; the material is a tried and tested driveway partner.

Since tar and chip is not as popular as its counterparts, not many property owners have enough knowledge about it. So, today we’ll give a brief introduction to tar and chip and answer some frequently asked questions about the material.

What Is a Tar and Chip Driveway?

Let’s begin with the absolute basics; tar and chip driveways are a low-cost alternative to other pavement materials such as concrete and asphalt. The good-looking and versatile driveway stamped its authority by being the mainstay from carriages and driveways in Europe, particularly in the UK.

A tar and chip driveway is also called tar and stone, tar and chippings, seal chip, tar bond, tar, and granite driveway. It is extremely popular for its durability and affordability and also for the low maintenance it requires.

How Is It Made?

All driveways must be built on a strong foundation. We begin work on a tar and chip driveway by packing a mixed-aggregate sub base in the excavation site. After installing the sub-base, we spread stone-aggregate over the surface, which is then firmly pressed with a heavy roller’s help.

Often, we lay down a new tar and chip surface over an existing parking lot or driveway. In such a scenario, we clear the driveway of all dust and debris and eliminate any potholes by filling them. A comprehensive preparation routine is always necessary before tar and chip installation.

Is It Expensive?

As mentioned before, a tar and chip driveway is inexpensive. What’s even better is that it does not have substantial maintenance costs like other pavement materials. A tar and chip driveway usually has a lifespan of ten years which is not bad considering the economical installation and maintenance rates.

How Should I Maintain a Tar and Chip Driveway?

Even though tar and chip do not require extensive maintenance routines, you still need to be vigilant when preserving them. Snowplowing, for instance, to clear the driveway can be dangerous as it damages the top layer of stone. You can prevent the damages by using a snowblower or a shovel.

A tar and chip driveway requires minimal maintenance; this means that it does not need frequent sealing or crack filling measures to extend its lifespan.

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