FAQs About Parking Lot Maintenance: Answered

Parking lot maintenance is a topic that many business owners don’t think about until they have to deal with it. Yet, parking lots are an essential part of commercial establishments, and their maintenance ensures a necessary amenity for employees, customers and visitors. In this blog post, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about parking lot maintenance, as well as suggestions on how to make sure your parking lot is always in great shape!

Why is Parking Lot Maintenance Important?

Many businesses don’t give necessary consideration to the significance of regular parking lot maintenance. However, the parking lot isn’t merely an entry and exit point for customers; it is an essential service expected from the business by the customers.

Parking lot maintenance can help your business become more profitable in the long run, as well as keep your employees and customers happy. It involves various activities, including cracks and pothole repair, sealcoating, line striping, etc. In addition, regular parking lot maintenance gives a fresh vibe to your place, as customers prefer visiting a well-maintained space and are welcoming. Therefore, hiring a professional contractor like Prime Asphalt in Waco, TX, for your parking lot maintenance is the best decision you can make.

What is the Per Square Foot Cost to Repair a Parking Lot?

The price of parking lot repair depends on several factors such as location, property size, etc. However, you can expect to pay between $1.60 – $2 per square foot for asphalt parking lot resurfacing. It is also necessary to understand the difference between “repaving,” “resurfacing,” and “resealing,” as all of these are different in terms of the cost and the outcome.

Factors such as local competition, location, and time of year also affect the cost of resurfacing or repaving the asphalt parking lot.

What Causes Parking Lot Potholes?

Potholes typically form over time due to water accumulation. Asphalt cannot withstand direct sunlight indefinitely without breaking down. This allows water to seep under the asphalt due to rainstorms or other natural occurrences. If the moisture below the surface freezes, the cracks expand to transform into potholes.

Not taking immediate action against the cracks usually results in pothole formation. Call a professional contractor as soon as you notice a pothole in your parking lot.

What are the Methods of Parking Lot Maintenance?

Parking lots are often overlooked when there is no traffic on them. However, parking lots are subject to wear and tear from constant foot traffic and excessive sunlight. You should apply sealants and carry out crack repairs once every two years; this can help prevent asphalt damage. Extensive cracking may require more intensive repairs, such as a complete demolition of the surface.

Prime Asphalt offers premier parking lot maintenance services in Waco, TX. As an experienced pavement contractor, we’re aware of all the latest trends and techniques necessary for asphalt repair. So, get an estimate for our services, and see the results for yourself.

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