Everything Your Concrete Contractor Should Be Doing Before Paving Your Surface

Concrete is cheap and durable and doesn’t require an extensive maintenance regime. The only flaw is that the whole surface needs to be repaved if the concrete breaks from anywhere. Minor cracks, of course, can be filled.

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Getting a concrete surface paved requires both you and your contractor to do some tasks for preparation. While your job is to select a design, pattern, and color, your contractor is busy too.

Below are all the things a contractor should do before they start pouring concrete onto the ground.

Preparing the area

The contractor should clear the area, sweep away any debris, trash, and organic matter like dead leaves, twigs, seedpods, etc. They should shovel away any snow and leave the ground to dry after rainfall or snowfall. A wet surface won’t allow installing a solid concrete surface as the concrete mixture won’t stick to the ground properly.

Defining the space

The contractor should calculate the area that will be paved then double-check the dimensions and measurements. Once they finalize the area they will be paving, they should start prepping as per the choice of material.

If they build a concrete slab, they need to put up walls to make a boundary for the poured concrete. However, if pavers are being installed, then they will dig the area a few inches deep.

Creating a drainage system

It is vital for the contractor to identify how your drainage will work and if you need to set up a system before laying your concrete to avoid water buildup and damage during the rainy season. It’s best to work on this immediately, or you might have to repave the whole surface again soon.

Laying a base layer

Create a strong base layer must be laid with coarse, thickly crushed material to keep the concrete layer solid and intact. The contractor should lay an 8-inch layer of crushed concrete or stone, and level the base layer before moving forward.

Reinforcing the foundation

The contractor should add rebar, wire mesh, or a composite or steel grid on top of the base layer to reinforce its shape. Metal supports like these will keep the concrete surface strong for decades.

Pouring the concrete

Once everything else is done, it is time to finally lay down the concrete and let it remain there till it dries. Meanwhile, if the contractor has created a large slab, they can start leveling and stamping the concrete to keep its shape, leading to a smooth surface.

Finding a high quality paving company is a challenge in itself. There are so many contractors in the market who offer to work at different rates. However, you should focus on finding a company that provides the best service. Prime Asphalt in Waco, TX, is an experienced paving company which performs concrete pavement installation and repairs.

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