Drainage Tips For Road Upkeep On A Farm Or Ranch

Drainage is key to maintaining farm or ranch roads. If water accumulates on the surface, it can damage the road and make it difficult to travel on. In this blog post, Prime Asphalt will discuss some tips for drainage that will help keep your road in good condition!

These rural roads, often built of dirt or gravel, can soon become impassable if not regularly tended to and maintained. Water and snow are a severe threat to the condition of dirt or gravel farm and ranch roads.

Tip 01: Grade the slope

A road’s cross fall, or slope, ensures that water drains away from the surface.

Sloping a road can be accomplished in two ways: by grading a crown in the center of the road, with cross falls on either side, or by constructing a road that slopes in just one direction.

Out- or in-sloped roads are better suited for temporary applications and areas with 10% or fewer gradients. Crowned roads perform well in all circumstances and places, and they are easy to maintain.

There are times when both sloping approaches are acceptable. On straight parts, a crowned slope with a 5 percent cross fall on both sides is recommended practice. 

Tip 02: Clean the drainage ditches:

Drainage ditches are common on farm roads where curbs are not used to channel water. Keeping the ditches and culverts open and clean is one of the most critical things you can do for your drainage. Debris can quickly accumulate in these locations and obstruct water movement. This can cause water to back up onto the road, causing it to deteriorate. If your ditch is clogged with debris, you may need someone to clear it.

Check that roadside ditches have a U or flat bottom rather than a V-shaped bottom. Use a rock or plant lining to prevent erosion.

Tip 03: Install a culvert

If you live in a high-rainfall location, you should think about putting a culvert. A culvert is a pipeline that runs beneath the road and allows water to pass through. This can prevent water from accumulating and harming the farm and ranch roads.

Unless you are an expert, use a professional to install culverts.

Use energy dissipation, such as huge boulders downstream of the culvert’s exit, and a debris barrier, such as steel pipes or fence posts, upstream of the culvert’s mouth.

Tip 04: Improve drainage around farms

Farms can also cause problems with drainage. Ensure that gutters and downspouts are directed away from the farms and that any drains are clear of debris. 

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