Contractors’ Stratagem: How To Build Trust With HOAs For Asphalt Projects

Homeowner associations tend to be tightly knit groups, with conformity, curb appeal, and reputation as the primary focus of their community. Upholding these values keeps the property prices at a premium while allowing for communal amenities and benefits for which all the HOA members pay a periodic fee.

HOAs also tend to be conservative and may hire repeat services from trusted businesses that enhance their image. Like all things, residential and commercial, HOA elements also tend to deteriorate and require maintenance. Pavement and asphalt are crucial to a buyers’ first impression when visiting an HOA; hence, a reliable asphalt maintenance contractor is hired and retained for the asphalt upkeep.

The question remains: If you’re a contractor trying to win over an HOA, how should you get in their good graces and win a bid?

Simple! Follow the cascade of advice we have compiled for you.

Study the Community: 

It looks odd to show up to an HOA in a repair vehicle and try cold-calling your way into a contract. Get in touch with an HOA member, go scouting for the state of their pavement, and only then approach the community association management for approval and introduction to the HOA Board. This will make a positive impression on the board concerning your work ethic.

Validate Qualifications: 

Every contractor should know their aptitude before presenting a proposal. If your firm has no insurance, financing, worker’s compensation, proper equipment, or a professional attitude, you are merely black-listing yourself from every HOA in Waco, TX. And that’s not it; you still need referrals & a portfolio of successful projects to woo the board into awarding a bid.

Focus on the Right HOA: 

Often, small contractors underestimate their abilities to perform and underbid a repair job to get on well with high-profile HOAs. Always ensure you have the personnel to perform the services and are earning equitably. Condo communities usually are the best grounds to gain experience for new asphalt repair firms.

Research is Key:

When your target is a high-profile HOA, scout their area for pavement damage, visit their dedicated website, and contact the HOA’s Management. If the HOA has an information page, there will be a letter by the management company there that can give you contact information. As a last resort, you can talk to someone in the community regarding who manages their community. Never venture into HOA territory without having a general idea of the residential standards or it may seem you are bluffing.

Stay In Touch: 

Whether you won the bid or could not because of various circumstances, show your unwavering interest & eager attitude to help out. It is imperative that you stay in touch with the community and never give up on any opportunities to propose a project as you might eventually land the bid. This also helps market your brand to other communities as the manager has your contact details to share among different communities.

At Prime Asphalt, we follow this advice too when setting off in newer HOA territories for our projects. If you happen to be a member of an HOA in Waco, TX, and notice your asphalt is deteriorating, you can refer us to the higher-ups on the HOA Board to review our extensive asphalt pavement services. We provide free estimates and top-notch services, so do not miss out!

We follow safety precautions to the dot and never slacken in our services!

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