Adding Colors To Concrete Flatwork For A Landscaping Project

Landscaping is a great way to improve the appearance of your property, and adding color to concrete flatwork is a creative way to enhance your landscaping project. It’s perhaps one of the most important aspects of any landscaping project. This will form the foundation for your project and needs to be done correctly to ensure a lasting finished product.

There are many different colors that you can choose from, and depending on that, there are several ways to color concrete. It’s essential to select the right color for your landscaping project in Waco, TX.

This blog post by Prime Asphalt discusses a few ways to add color to your concrete flatwork and give your landscaping project a boost!

Concrete flatwork requires pouring concrete on horizontal surfaces to make it smooth and flat. It’s trendy since the material is strong and aesthetic. Property owners usually prefer concrete flatwork.

How to Color Concrete?

There are four different ways to color concrete:

Staining concrete:

The option to stain concrete is available for all types, including old and new concrete. Homeowners prefer natural earth-toned colors for a minimal look colored by staining. This is a permanent way to color concrete, and even in the outdoors, it doesn’t fade away.

Colors included: terra cottas, tans, brownish shades.

Coloring Concrete Integrally

This method of coloring concrete is specific to newly poured concrete. It’s directly added to the concrete mix, so the color settles in before pouring concrete and doesn’t fade or wear off. If you want dark colors, this option may not be viable for you.

Colors included: browns, tans, grays, subtle reds, subtle blues, and subtle greens.

Color hardeners

Color hardeners are used with stamped concrete and are recommended for dark, intense colors. The application process is not as simple as the other two; most contractors will not recommend doing this. The concrete colored with color hardeners becomes resistant and is not affected by moisture and chemicals. It can also damage plants in the surroundings, and the odor is strong.

Colors included: Dark and intense shades like red, blue, etc.

Dyeing Concrete

Concrete dyes produce the most vibrant hues of all the other coloring methods. Because these dyes generate such vibrant colors on concrete, it’s a good idea to have a mock-up done by your contractor to ensure you’ll be happy with the end product because it’s irreversible. Think of your favorite team’s emblem on your basketball court as an example of how dyes are used to create complex designs.

On the other hand, Dyes are not commonly used in outdoor applications since they are prone to fading in the sunshine. Whether you like the appearance of dyes, check with the maker to see if their product is UV stable and a sealer that will keep the color from the elements.

 Colors included: Red, orange, yellow, purple, blue, etc. Prime Asphalt offers guaranteed results to clients looking for concrete flatwork services in Waco, TX. Chat with us now or get an estimate to know more about our services!

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