5 Reasons To Consider Swales For Your Farm’s Drainage

Farms need to have an excellent drainage system to keep the ground from becoming waterlogged and ensure that crops have enough moisture. There are a few different types of drainage systems, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

In this blog post, Prime Asphalt will discuss one option: swales.

What is a swale?

A swale is simply a shallow ditch dug next to a roadway or shoulder. The purpose of a swale is twofold: first, it collects and redirects water away from the road (or another paved area); and second, it helps filter out pollutants that may be carried by stormwater runoff.

Swales are generally constructed using earth-moving equipment, and they are typically lined with vegetation (such as grass or sedges) to help stabilize the soil and prevent erosion. In some cases, swales may also collect and store water for irrigation or other purposes.

Reasons Why Swales Are the Best Option

  1. First, swales are very effective at collecting and redirecting water. It is especially important on farms, where surfaces can create significant runoff during rain events. By redirecting this water away from the ground, swales help prevent erosion and minimize the risk of flooding.
  2. Second, swales help to recharge groundwater supplies. By intercepting runoff and redirecting it into the ground, swales allow water to percolate down into the soil, where it is stored in the rooting zone of plants. It helps keep the roots of plants healthy and provides a valuable water resource during periods of drought.
  3. Third, swales can create a habitat for beneficial insects and other wildlife. By providing water and shelter, swales can attract various beneficial species that can help pollinate crops or control pests.
  4. Fourth, swales can help to moderate temperatures. By intercepting and storing heat from the sun during the day, swales can help to keep areas cooler during hot summer days. It can be beneficial for both plants and animals.
  5. Finally, swales can help to control erosion. By intercepting runoff and directing it into the ground, swales can help reduce the amount of soil eroded from farm fields.

Overall, swales are an incredibly versatile drainage channel that helps achieve various goals on the farm. When designed and implemented correctly, swales can provide many benefits with little to no negative impact. If you need a way to improve your farm’s productivity and sustainability, consider adding swales to your property. The difference they can make might surprise you!


If you’re looking to install an efficient, environmentally friendly, and low-maintenance drainage system at your farm in Waco, TX, swales may be the perfect option. Contact Prime Asphalt and see how we can help keep your farm pavement free from water damage.

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