5 Mistakes Property Managers Make When Paving Their Properties

Property managers have a lot of pressure on them as the responsibility of fund and property management falls solely on their shoulders, with the added stress of answering to the property owner. Property managers have seemingly countless responsibilities, due to which getting a property addition or improvement project like paving becomes near impossible to complete without a few mistakes. However, mistakes can prove costly, which is why as a property manager, you need to avoid them at any cost. A sure way to minimize risks of errors is to know what the most common ones are, so you can pay extra attention to them.

1. Inaccurate Budgeting

Not developing a proper budget for your asphalt paving project can lead to many unanticipated costs that can cause delays in the completion of your project as it will take you some time to arrange the funds to meet all expenses. Thus, it is wiser to calculate all costs and set aside a small amount for unexpected expenses.

2. Lack of Proper Planning

Planning is a tedious yet essential part of managing any project if you want to achieve seamless and high-quality results because it can save you from missing out on steps and facing problems you did not anticipate. An example of ill-planning is not checking the weather before scheduling and starting a paving project, resulting in complications. Rainfall, snow, fog, ice, and high humidity can make your pavement wet, making it impossible for asphalt to bond with the surface. And if the temperatures are too low, they cause the pavement to dry too quickly, leading to a brittle pavement.

3. Hiring a Subpar Contractor

Perhaps the biggest mistake a property manager make is hiring the wrong person to complete such an important project, not just in terms of the hefty investment but also because of the future benefits and risks involved. For example, if you hire a good paving company, you will not have to pay for frequent repairs in the near future or suffer from early pavement failure as they will use the most appropriate paving methods and more. But, on the other hand, hiring a subpar contractor will not provide you with superior asphalt services or lasting solutions.

4. Being Unaware of Project Requirements

It is vital to have at least the basic knowledge of the process and its steps so you can monitor that the work is correctly being carried out. For example, grading is a necessary step to prevent erosion and flooding and ensure quick and efficient drainage on your land. Having the basic know-how will also save you from problems if you have hired a new contractor.

5. Noncompliance with ADA Guidelines

While a professional paving firm will know all ADA guidelines and other legal requirements regarding the construction of a pavement, you should also dive into research to learn valuable information. Leaving this solely on the contractor can impede you from detecting any flaws or missed guidelines. Also, most contractors follow the design plan you give them, so you need to ensure that your design is ADA compliant because after the pavement is constructed, non-compliancy can lead to costly changes, fines, and more. Prime Asphalt is a leading asphalt paving contractor serving residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Waco, TX. Request an estimate for your paving project or contact us for more information.

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