3 Main Types Of Road Maintenance

Untidy roads with potholes and cracks are a menace to both drivers and pedestrians. Speeding cars jumping over an unseen pothole are a recipe for disaster and can lead to severe accidents and even deaths.

Professional contractors in the country are working overtime to ensure that roads function in full capacity to provide the community with a safe and secure driving area. The contractors are working in accordance with state regulations in a public-private partnership rarely observed before.

As professional contractors, we’ve come across many different kinds and degrees of road and pavement problems over the years. With a jam-packed schedule and clients frantically calling for help, we’ve got to prioritize the issues that come before us.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the three main road maintenance strategies we employ to deal with any road-related hazards.

Reactive Maintenance

This is a maintenance strategy whereby we fix issues once they appear. These are problems that are not on our immediate to-do list.

An open manhole, a missing grate, or a pothole are all types of problems which fall into our reactive maintenance strategy. A team of expert professionals is dispatched to rectify the problem as soon as they’re informed.

Potholes don’t emerge out of the blue; they start forming on roads where cracks are already visible on the surface. Repairing potholes and cracks are reactive measures that are preventable if property owners and residents take timely action.

Preventive Maintenance

Proactive measures are always more beneficial than reactive. Identifying potential pain points and repairing them straightaway helps you mitigate risks and save money. Regular inspections and maintenance prevent the road from crumbling and help avoid serious problems, keeping you and those around safe.

Emergency Maintenance

This is a maintenance measure or a problem that gives both clients and our team severe headaches. Emergency maintenance measures are always unplanned and dire; this is why it is a category that many inexperienced contractors are not skilled enough to deal with.

A road or pavement requires immediate maintenance when a force of nature or a colossal accident damages them. Heavy rain, mudslides, and storms can be highly devastating and can disrupt the entire transport network.

While emergencies happen rarely, they are life-threatening and can result in permanent damages to property. This is why you should always call on professional contractors to deal with them. 

At Prime Asphalt, we help you eliminate all your pavement problems by offering timely repair and maintenance services. Our professionals are experienced with all kinds of pavement maintenance procedures and can resolve your problems effectively. We offer a diverse range of pavement repair services in Waco. Explore our services and get a free quote from our professionals. 

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